Snowmaggedon, Snowpocalypse, Snowzilla....whatever you want to call it

Last Thursday and Friday we accumulated 14.2 inches of snow.  That is unheard of for us.  It just barely missed breaking the record set in 1962.  

School was cancelled for two days! 

We were so blessed to have such good neighbors who all came out and helped each other shovel the snow.  We are fortunate to have one very kind neighbor with a snow blower he is willing to share!

It has been called several things so far, as you can see in my title to this post, but the crazy thing is, it isn't over.  They are predicting another 9-15 inches in the next couple of days.  School has already been cancelled again for tomorrow and the possibility is there for Tuesday as well.  

I can't say that we have accomplished huge things with our days off, but we sure have enjoyed being lazy and having everyone at home.  

And, oh yes, playing in the snow.  Although Jarrett is less fond of it now that it is so deep.  He usually just throws his hands up in the air and cries "Stuck! Stuck! Hold me!"  Poor kid, when the snow is at least at third of your height, I guess that is nerve-racking. 

I hope everyone is safe and warm in your homes tonight and able to stay home for snow days, too. 

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