31 Days a New Adventure for Me

My first attempt at 31 days:

My life...it's pretty crazy sometimes. 

I know... so what... who isn't... just sometimes my crazy might come in a little different forms. 

My house is a bilingual house.

My husband is Deaf.

Our children are hearing.

We use American Sign Language (ASL) in our house.

We do things a little differently.

Life presents different opportunities for us.

Life presents different challenges for us. 

My plan is to share those opportunities and challenges with you in a series I am calling: 

Signs of Home

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  1. Oh, fun! We've all been learning some basic baby signs here to help our 17 month old communicate. He is hearing, but not talking much yet and I LOVE how much he enjoys being able to tell us a bit of what he needs! I'll be following this one. :)