A Day in the Life

There are many things that happen in my house that might seem different to other people and that I would consider normal and wouldn't give a second thought.  Sometimes, however, something seems so obviously specific to a Deaf/hearing household, so uncommon that I can't help but think "I bet most couples don't say these things".  That happened the other day while perched at the top of a tree. 

Now you are really curious, right?

Just a few days ago Spring gave us a little teaser of a warm day.  The kids were thrilled to play outside on the swingset. I took advantage of the time to do a little yardwork at the same time.  Our willow tree was getting out of control. 

I began by trimming the branches I could reach, but before long I was pulling out a step ladder, that then led to climbing it to get to the top branches. 

There I was, precariously perched on a few thin branches at the top of the willow tree.  The kids were playing, James was working in another part of the yard.  It dawned on me: I could easily fall out of this tree and even if I screamed or landed with an impressive thud, James would have no idea. 

So, this conversation ensued:

Me: Guys, if I fall, tell Daddy, ok?
MB: Why?
Me: Sigh, because he is Deaf and won't hear me fall.
MB: Just be careful, Mommy, and don't fall.

Her last comment was said with the sass and incredulation of a 13-year-old who has to suffer her parents' ignorance on a daily basis. 

It was in this moment that I thought, "I think this might be unique to our particular situation". 

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