Mommy Wars: Will We Ever Be Kind To One Another?

I started following a new blog a few weeks ago.  I won't mention which one, as I am no longer a follower and am not interested in driving traffic that way. 

It was a "mommy-blog".  A financial mom-blog and I was curious after hearing about it on the radio. 

It turns out that this particular blogger likes to demean and berate women for their choices, through a financial lens. 

Here's the thing. It's crab-theory and I am so tired of it.  In many ways, life as a woman is great, thrilling, unique and exciting.  But, in many ways, it is hard, exhausting and burdensome.  While we can have men who are supportive and sympathetic and understanding, they cannot be empathetic.  Only we can offer that to each other.  And we need each other.  We need each other to remind us of our gifts and talents.  We need each other to support and encourage us when the times are hard, the monotony is too much and we stumble. 

We are living in a better time than generations before us in many ways, but we are living in a society that is a far cry from looking at the sexes equally.  There are enough obstacles out there for us to have to overcome without dragging each other down, too.

Let us not tear each other down, but instead work to build each other up. 

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